For those of us that have been involved in studying business processes for a long time, we’ve seen the pendulum swing back and forth between abstract data driven decision making to a humanistic approach where opinions are valued, people are validated, and warm fuzzy hugs matter.

Conflicting Guidance

Study after…

“Wouldn’t it really suck to get abducted by aliens in a foreign country? They wouldn’t even know what language to use when they probed you.”

These words of wisdom were spoken by a companion during a drive on French country roads in the wee hours of the morning. This is…

I’ve been thinking a lot about conduct. We’ve had two divergent streams of thought in our society in the past few decades. The first that places incredible importance on being the best. On winning. And the second on recognizing everyone. On being inclusive. The Participant Trophies.

I’d like to propose…

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”
― Sherlock Holmes

What is a fact?

Dictionary definitions essentially say a fact is information supported by data; something that is true; objective.

If you have a beautiful clean house, and dirty windows — what does the passerby think of your cleaning habits? The interior of the house may sparkle — giving clear proof of your skills…

I hate shopping for furniture. There is no part of it that I find enjoyable. Just like many other large ticket items, I am at the disadvantage. I don’t really know what something SHOULD cost. I don’t have enough expertise to determine quality. I have basic criteria.

Does it fit?

First, let’s get real. Wine is juice that we’ve allowed to get funky in a specific manner. There is art. There is craft. There is luck. But really, it is bacteria infused juice. Don’t take yourself or your wine too seriously.

What is wine?

Wine can be made from many…

A refresher on the scientific method for business professionals

I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways it won’t work. — Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Failure in 2021

We have a modern national culture that despises failure. That’s not too strong a statement today. Everything from the health care insurance nightmare to the ability to rent an apartment depends on a…

Gregory Dinsmoor

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